New Yesmail Study Shows Retailers Need to Step Up E-mail Personalization

Eden Ames
American Marketing Association
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What? A new study from Yesmail reveals the holes in retail marketing e-mail personalization efforts. 

So what? Retail marketers using e-mail may be missing opportunities to engage consumers when they neglect to implement data to personalize product and service selections. 

Now what? With ever more sophisticated means for producing personalized e-mail, marketers across industries should amp up their personalization efforts. Past studies have proven that personalized subject lines and messages increase open and click rates for e-mails. For the best results, marketers should implement social media behavior data as a way to shape personalized e-mail campaigns.  

A new study from Yesmail shows that most retailers are using e-mail personalization, but the strategy is not getting much further past the subject line. 

According to VentureBeat, “There’s more customer data available than ever, but collecting, integrating, and using it for personalization can be a challenge.” Two thirds of the surveyed retailers admit that data from subscriber social media behavior isn’t used to improve message relevance.

Above: Source: Yesmail

Image Credit: YesMail

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Above: Source: VentureBeat

Image Credit: VentureBeat

“Most companies are basing personalization efforts off of historical data sources, like transaction history. Yet data that indicates what someone is interested now, or possibly in the future, can be much more valuable for personalization. Adoption remains relatively low, but more companies are using behavioral data from their websites and apps to personalize email.”

Statistic: E-mail open and click rates in the United States in 2014, by degree of personalization | Statista

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