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What? A new episode from Media Unplugged.

So what? Mark Ramsey and Tom Asacker discuss 7 predictions about the future of media from Business Intelligence.

Now what? Marketers should expect the expansion of digital to persist, particularly in the area of messaging apps. As a result, watching new platforms emerge will be a significant component of telling your brand's story and reaching your target audence.

In this 34th installment of Media Unplugged, brand authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey break down several Business Intelligence trends for 2016: Will digital “inherit the Earth”? What is the role of subscription in the media universe? Will native digital advertising continue to thrive? Will the ad blocking crisis resolve itself? And what will be the next big digital platform?

  1. Digital media consumption is growing. Everything else is shrinking.

  2. Video, music, and digital “print” subscriptions are climbing fast.

  3. Native digital advertising will continue to thrive.

  4. The existential crisis of ad blocking will resolve itself — but be careful what you wish for.

  5. The next big platform will not be smart glasses, smart cars or virtual reality.

  6. TV networks will soon feel newspapers’ pain.

  7. Power and wealth will be more concentrated than ever.

Follow along with the slideshow:


 7 Predictions About the Future of Media


Also covered in this episode: helpful advice for musicians from Bob Lefsetz may equally apply to marketers and an essay contest that will be giving its winner a movie theater.

Listen as Mark and Tom go inside media to reveal the ugly truth!




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