AMA Retro: Marketing Comics 1979, Part 2

Lauren Watters
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Do any of these comics resonate with you or are all the laughs stuck in 1979?

​Part 2: Marketing Molehills 1979 Comic Series

In part one of our Marketing Molehills series— which introduced 70's— era comics in Marketing News-we showed you some witty illustrations that capture marketing industry professionals at their finest. From the door to door market researcher brush-off to the sales rep who won’t take “no” for an answer, 1979 had its fair share of tongue-in-cheek marketing humor.

Here is another installment of the Marketing Molehills comic series. Take a look and let us know on Twitter or Facebook how these hold up today! Do they still resonate? 

"The earliest known sales promotion tool...."

"Dont' look now, boss, but I think our competitor has found out you have the plans for our new XK44 low-tolerance widget." 

"Thank you, sir. Will there by anything else?"

"Hold it J.B. I've got somebody on the line who thinks he understands the latest Internal Revenue Service ruling regarding marketing researchers."

"Good evening, Ma'am I'm working my way through inflation."

"Our computer analysis of your consumer interviews shows you chickened-out after the second question, Ralph."

"You can't fire her. She programmed all the Yugoslav consumer research data in Croatian."

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