Journey Analytics: Improving Your Customer IQ

Paul Cole
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What? Marketers must use analytics to deliver a better customer experience and successfully compete in today's Big Data economy. 

So what? To do so, marketers must employ "journey" analytics, which allows you to interpret customer input to improve operational processes.

Now what? You must improve your customer IQ and formalize your approach to journey analytics in order to be a truly customer-centric company, writes Paul Cole. 

Today’s marketers are pressured to deepen their analytical capabilities in order to successfully compete in today’s Big Data economy. As such, I thought I would explore what’s known as “journey” analytics—that is, driving “insights into action” to deliver a better customer experience. Hopefully by now you buy into the premise and volumes of supporting data that demonstrates that how you treat your customers across the full lifecycle of interactions, from initial inquiry through repurchase, has major consequences on your company’s overall growth and profitability. 

Within the customer experience (CX) field, there are two operative words that anchor our quest to deliver customer delight and company differentiation: journey and experience. A journey is the set and sequence of events that depicts the customer-to-company relationship, as seen through the eyes of the customer, from inquiring to purchasing to onboarding to consuming to repurchasing. This, in turn, produces emotions that characterize the customer experience. The experience then produces a memory that ultimately becomes the basis of both customer outcomes (brand supporter or detractor) and business outcomes (buy more/again, stay longer, or defect). ​​​​​

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Author Bio:

Paul Cole
Paul Cole is president of Los Angeles-based customer experience software provider InQuba North America.

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