The Customer's Story is the New Narrative in Experiential Marketing

Paul Cole
Marketing News
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​What? At a time when our marketing lexicon has turned into techno-speak with terms, it seems to have simultaneously given rebirth to a vocabulary of less hardened and more ethereal words, including emotion, authenticity and story. 

So What? That’s where the customer story comes in. It creates a reverse path to purchase.  Experiential marketing is all about identifying and utilizing the key emotive drivers that will translate into a gratifying customer experience—one that will be retold and positively reinforce your brand promise.

Now What? As marketers and stewards of the company’s brand, we must work with our counterparts across the organization to lay out a journey that will produce positive emotions across the entire customer lifecycle and all interactions.

​​Certain words pop in and out of our vocabulary. One word that seems to be very much in vogue these days is “narrative.” Your customers'​ story is your new narrative. ​​​​​​​​
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Author Bio:

Paul Cole
Paul Cole is a Los Angeles-based customer experience expert who has led customer management strategy, technology and operations practices at Ernst & Young, Mercer and CapGemini.

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Chinedu Okwu
April 1, 2016

I love this article. And those words: "Make the customer the protagonist...." There's certainly a lot to take from that. Thanks!

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