How Coca-Cola Uses Contact Marketing to Stir Social Media Buzz

Stu Heinecke
Contact Marketing Radio
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​Listen to Stu Heinecke's interview with Wes Finley, Global Operations Lead for Coca-Cola, to learn more about how recent Coca-Cola campaigns implemented Contact Marketing.


Contact Marketing isn't often thought of as a method for moving consumers to act or buy a product, but that hasn't stopped Coca-Cola from putting it to use in their social media strategy.

Contact Marketing, as I defined it in my book, How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, is a fusion of marketing and selling designed to support connecting with high-value prospects.  It is mostly associated with business-to-business, account-based selling, because it can make a tremendous difference in how effectively the sales force breaks through to their most important prospects.

A typical Contact Marketing campaign might employ some form of correspondence with an unusually high production value, or a gift that moves the recipient to respond.  Coca-Cola's campaign used both to impress a tightly-targeted group of high-value influencers in the electronic gamer community, with spectacular results.  Each social media influencer on their list received an impressive, hand-painted wooden box bearing the logo of their favorite game, with a treasure trove of game-related swag inside, including coke-branded game controllers, game copies and a personalized bottle of Coca-Cola.  

The campaign resulted in millions of earned positive media impressions, but more importantly, it gave the brand a presence among an audience they have trouble reaching through traditional media, along with something money can't buy—the endorsements of hundreds of thought leaders in the gaming community.

For more on the story, listen to my interview below with Wes Finley, Global Operations Lead for Coca-Cola on Contact Marketing Radio.

About the Author: Stu Heinecke is the author of the new #1 best-selling book, How To Get A Meeting with Anyone and a Wall Street Journal cartoonist.  He is also co-creator of the NASP's 30-day behavioral program, "The Power of Contact Marketing," host of Contact Marketing Radio and founder of "Contact," a Contact Marketing agency devoted to helping enterprise sales teams break through to named accounts with greater efficiency.


About Contact Marketing Radio:  Every week, host Stu Heinecke explores methods people use to break through to important prospects to produce critical breakthroughs in their businesses.  Carrier pigeons, swords, cartoons, events, personalized videos, stolen bases and response rates as high as 100%—they're all part of the story of Contact Marketing. 


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