Are you an Original? Adam Grant's New Book Can Help Marketers Become More Unique

Michael Krauss
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​What? Adam Grant's new book is "exactly the kind of book marketers, trying to hone their skills, should devour," according to Michael Krauss.

So What? “When people seek to exert influence but lack respect, others perceive them as difficult, coercive and self-serving. Since they haven’t earned our admiration, we don’t feel they have the right to tell us what to do," Grant wrote in Originals.

Now What? Some of Grant's recommendations include to always question the status quo, triple the number of new ideas you generate, and "procrastinate strategically," frequently stopping when progress is incomplete to allow ideas to incubate. 
Adam Grant’s new book, “Originals: How Non-conformists Move the World," is exactly what marketers need to stay original and hone their skills, according​ to Michael Krauss.​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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Author Bio:
Michael Krauss
Michael Krauss is president of Market Strategy Group based in Chicago.

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