AMA Career e-book: How to Craft a Standout Marketing Résumé

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Key Takeaways
This e-book provides you with résumé trends, steps to creating a new résumé and tips on getting your resume in front of hiring managers.

This e-book reveals the most up-to-date practices and standards for résumé composition and construction. With the advent of computerized résumé scanners, online portfolios and an ever-increasing applicant pool for marketing jobs, you can’t afford not to put your best résumé forward that is eye-catching, technologically compliant and memorable.

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Some key takeaways you’ll learn include:

  • How to “backdoor” your résumé to get it in front of hiring managers.
  • How to optimize your résumé for applicant tracking software.
  • Three things to delete from your résumé right now.
  • Strategies to keep your résumé up to date.
  • Ways to describe yourself as a standout applicant.
  • Formatting, length, font and organizational tips.

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