Marketing to Gen Z: It's About Involvement

Andy Friedman
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What: The digitally native members of Gen Z aren’t engaged through traditional marketing tactics, according to Immersive Youth Marketing’s Gregg Witt.

So What: The 19 and under set, known as Gen Z, has been raised on social media and community.

Now What: Marketers should look for opportunities to involve younger consumers in everything from product development to promotion. Gen Z are ideal candidates for the process of "design thinking."

"Don't market to me, bro!" That's what those age 19 and under are saying to traditional brand marketers, according to Gregg Witt, chief engagement officer of Immersive Youth Marketing, a San Diego-based marketing agency.

Gen Z consumers​ have been raised on social media and community, and instantly distrust any brand voice that's not perceived to be authentic, Witt says. Involvement is key to connecting with this age group: "The primary way to connect to Gen Z is peer to peer, really involving them in your brand, your product development and making them feel part of." 

According to Witt, brands should think in terms of building relationships, but that means letting go of control, which is a difficult concept for traditional brands to adopt. "Relatability is the authenticity of today," Witt says.

In the video below, Witt shares his insights on Gen Z with AMA CEO Russ Klein.


 Gregg Witt, Immersive Youth Marketing


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