Marketing News: January 2014

Marketing in 2024Marketing in 2024
New-year forecasts are good for short-term planning, but we want to help you prepare for the long haul. With that in mind, Marketing News tapped 11 marketers, academics and futurists to discuss what marketing will look like 10 years from now.

Big Mac 

A Peek Behind the Arches

McDonald’s Canada gives transparency a try to boost customer engagement and brand trust.

Stack of newspapers 

Straddle the Line?

Sponsored content does best when it straddles the line between advertising and editorial content. Here, experts—and critics—discuss that balancing act.

Business on the Go 

Core Concepts

Business on the Go

Building a mobile website is becoming an imperative for many B-to-B marketers. Here’s how to get started.



Better on Paper

Domtar Corp. creates a campaign to showcase the value of paper in a digital world.

Olive & Sinclair chocolate 

SMB Success

Southern Sweet Spot

Olive & Sinclair expanded its chocolate business by playing up its Southern roots.

typing on laptop 


Direct the Conversation

Customer reviews can make or break your brand reputation. Here’s how to ethically manage customer comments online.

pie graph 

Consumer Connections

Segmentation Expectations

One of the primary uses of segmentation is to help the marketer structure communication with consumers. The notion is that different offers, messages and executions, placed via different media, will yield better brand impact than a uniform approach to communication across all customers.

Ice Dome 

International Marketing

The Olympics Are Coming: Lessons for Cross-cultural Advertising

The world’s attention has converged on Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi, Russia. Of course, this attention offers global marketers the powerful reach and efficiency of sponsorship opportunities. When it comes to global advertising, the Olympics are always a winner.

woman putting together puzzle pieces 

Aaker on Branding

10 Guidelines for Your Brand Portfolio Strategy

Portfolio issues seldom reach a crisis stage, but too often, they inhibit business strategy and create inefficient and ineffective brand-building efforts.

Facebook page 

Social Media

Is Facebook Failing Marketers?

I’m going to make two bold statements about Facebook, then I’ll try to back them up. You can decide if you buy them or not: First, nearly all brand companies market on Facebook. And second, they’re not getting the results that they should.

Michael Zuna

Back Page

Michael Zuna, executive VP and CMO of Aflac Inc.​

Beyond breakfast cereals, few brands have mascots these days, but maybe they should reconsider. Columbus, Ga.-based Aflac Inc. has proved that mascots can work for serious brands selling serious products—even when those mascots are featured in downright silly advertising.

Sheryl Swingley

AMA Career Resource Center

Your Career Questions Answered: Entry-level Marketing Positions?

Sheryl Swingley shares advice for entry-level career paths involving branding, market analysis and research.

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