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The June/July 2018 issue of Marketing News is now available.

The world changes quickly. Marketers know this better than most. In the past few decades, the research technologies and methodologies used to inform marketing strategy have gone through massive transformation, and marketers are better for it. 

In this issue, the AMA is publishing the last Gold Report. The biannual report has been a stalwart of the market research industry—but it’s time for a change. We’re witnessing a massive evolution in how research is conducted and used. Our content, both online and in print, will cover those changes and will keep you informed of what’s coming next in market research methodologies and innovations. Our commitment to covering the market research industry is unfailing. 

Elsewhere in the issue, Zach Brooke dives into the evolution of the market research industry and what marketers should know to stay ahead. “Market research consumers now place greater value on insights beyond what traditional market research has measured—and they don’t care where those new insights come from, which has opened the door to tech upstarts and legacy consultancies with new research arms. Industry insiders must act swiftly to keep pace with technological advances, ward off corporate interlopers and refashion themselves as psychologists and market-forecasting tycoons, lest they be overtaken,” Brooke writes. 

Facebook’s recent missteps have ignited a firestorm of questions about online data collection ethics. New market research giants Google and Facebook have a way to go before they serve their advertisers in the same way that traditional market-research agencies have in the past. “The ability to collect more granular data continues to grow, sometimes faster than guidelines can be written. … As Facebook policies continue to morph, marketers are mulling over whether the social platform is still the golden child of online ad targeting, or if guidance and filtering could help Facebook reach its potential,” writes Sarah Steimer.  

What do you think the future of market research looks like?

Molly Soat

Editor in Chief


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