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The year ahead is about people, not machines. When marketers talk about the future, they usually talk about technology—artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, CRM systems. But the stalwart of marketing is people: understanding why people buy what they buy, reaching them at the right time and understanding their needs.

In the wake of economist Richard Thaler’s Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his research in behavioral economics, staff writer Hal Conick explores Thaler’s revolutionary theories on how to “nudge” people to behave in certain ways and how that theory remains relevant in the digital age. “Perhaps you were nudged by a snack wrapper, imploring you to pick up, unwrap and devour its salty-sweet contents,” Conick writes. “Perhaps you were nudged by a mobile notification: respond to a friend request, tip your rideshare driver or—hey, it’s raining—order some delivery food.” Marketing is, in many ways, a long-game nudge. 

Subscription boxes were the shiny, new nudge that gave CPG brands an opportunity to get into consumers’ homes. But the model may be shortsighted, according to staff writer Sarah Steimer. The novelty of opening a box full of goodies every month can get stale. Smart brands in the space—Barkbox, Winc and FabFitFun among them—are finding ways to expand out of the box and into retail spaces and media channels. 

What does a good nudge look like in the digital age? Look no further than the AccuWeather app, which boasts as many users as Facebook, writes staff writer Zach Brooke. The weather-prediction mobile app seems to have found a uniquely captive audience, and the company has hired some big guns from the media and advertising space to take advantage. 

How do you nudge your customers?  

Molly Soat

Editor in Chief


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