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The January 2019 issue of Marketing News is now available.

Year-ahead predictions are a dime a dozen, especially in the marketing space. Data troves are growing! Holograms are coming! Bots are taking over! But the AMA is here to bring predictions back to reality. This year, we encourage you to take on bite-sized challenges that will affect your work immediately.

We all know that artificial intelligence is here to stay—but what does AI really mean, and how can marketers use it daily? Staff writer Hal Conick breaks down the steps marketers can take right away to incorporate artificial intelligence into a marketing strategy. (Hint: Cut out the guide on page 11 to keep those tactics handy and impress your boss with your applicable knowledge of AI.)

Managing editor Sarah Steimer spoke with experts that span marketing disciplines to find out what they’re planning for 2019. “This final year of the 2010s means less dreaming and more implementing,” Steimer writes.

What are your tactical goals for 2019?​

Molly Soat

Editor in Chief


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