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Nonprofit marketers are, by any account, in it for the greater good. But what happens when they must make tough decisions? They put their emotions aside and drive ahead with a cold, calculated conviction. Staff writer Sarah Steimer explores how nonprofit marketers have successfully navigated the oft-fraught and oft-emotional rebrand after a merger and how they manage to get their teams on board. “For a nonprofit merger to succeed, stakeholders are often challenged with emotionally detaching the organization’s brand from its mission,” Steimer writes. Easier said than done.

When a nonprofit finds massive success with one project, the challenge lies in repeating the process. Staff writer Hal Conick spoke with the Alliance for the Great Lakes about how it pushed the microbead ban forward through “a perfect storm” of earned and owned media. “The virality, research and marketing came together to galvanize the anger of Great Lakes supporters into political action rather than stopping its momentum at the ‘like’ button,” Conick writes.

Though it’s tempting to try to apply that success to every important initiative, the trick is engaging people on one issue. “We can’t do everything, but when we discover an issue that we are concerned about, we want to educate our supporters,” says Jennifer Caddick, head of marketing and communications for the Alliance. “We always want to give people an action.”

It’s by galvanizing support—both internal and external—and encouraging action that marketers will change the world. What action do you want people to take? And how are you making it happen?

Molly Soat

Editor in Chief


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