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The October 2017 issue of Marketing News is now available.

The market research industry—as explored in this year’s AMA Gold Global Top 25 Report—is undergoing a massive change. “It is being absorbed into a rapidly transforming collection of market intelligence sub-disciplines,” says Michael Brereton, professor at Michigan State University, a research contributor to the AMA’s semi-annual Gold Report. 

The total revenue for the top 25 global market research firms increased nearly $1 billion since last year’s report. This growth is a direct result of the “expansion and transformation of the marketing research industry,” per Diane Bowers of the Insights Association and author of the report. As the saying goes, innovate or die.

Elsewhere in the issue, we tackle another casualty of marketing evolution: traditional advertising. Staff writer Hal Conick spoke to Andrew Essex, the former CEO of advertising giant Droga5 and author of The End of Advertising. “The last 50 or so years, the industry has subscribed to a model called command and control, which is based on the premise that you have to pay to generate attention, that you have to buy awareness,” Essex says. “Then suddenly, we found ourselves in a new world sodden with content—new platforms, new toys, 497 scripted TV shows. The idea of interrupting, of forcing yourself on someone, has become increasingly unattractive. … I believe you cannot interrupt effectively.”

Indeed, advertisers are looking at how they can effectively reach consumers with engaging content and experiences rather than interruptive ads. Staff writer Zach Brooke explores how advertisers are taking advantage of the immersive nature of podcasts, and staff writer Sarah Steimer looks at a hot new “high-touch” model: the pop-up shop.
How are you innovating?

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