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The September 2018 issue of Marketing News is now available.

Customer experience will never be the same. As customers ourselves, we expect personalization with full security, excellent service and low prices—and our customers expect the same of us. No big deal. 

Entertainment. Groceries. Health care. Retail. All of these are changing rapidly. For our cover story, experts from 10 industries, from social media to ride-sharing, weigh in on what they see as the “next big thing” in customer experience. 

“Five to 10 years from now, two things will happen: No. 1, there will always be leaders that are constantly setting the bar higher for everyone. No. 2, there is a strategy that is starting to come to light that I don’t believe has been exposed to the masses yet: convenience,” says Shep Hyken, a customer experience expert and author of the forthcoming book The Convenience Revolution. “Amazon is more convenient than its competitors, and it disrupted them. Convenience is the next big wave of customer service, and it’s going to be a revolution,” he says. 

“The customer doesn’t see channels anymore,” says Chris Petersen, CEO of Integrated Marketing Solutions. “To them, it’s all commerce. Some days, I prefer to shop online. Some days, I’d much prefer the store. Sometimes I’m in the store, and I want to ship what I buy home. Those retailers that understand and execute this are doing extremely well. The retailers that are struggling—aka Sears and Toys R Us—use the old-school model of you come to us and we sell you something. They’re dying quickly.”

Customers have changed their expectations. How do we as marketers know what they need? We must start with data and end by visualizing their experience from beginning to end. How are you adapting?

Molly Soat

Editor in Chief


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