5 Reminders for Your Social Media Strategy

Eden Ames
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What? Important things to remember about your social media strategy. 

So what? Using social media in your marketing strategy requires acute knowledge of a platform’s abilities and limitations. 

Now what? Remember that social media numbers can’t tell you everything, but using it can engage target audiences, complement your other strategies and increase conversion rates in the long run. 

As social media strategies continue to be essential to any marketing plan, marketers need to keep in mind the possibilities and limitations of platforms like Facebook and Twitter

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A recent article from Entrepreneur offers five important reminders to help refresh a stale social media strategy by clarifying the positives and negatives. Here are five things to remember:

1. Social media is a long-term investment. 

“…The more time you invest in building a relationship with them and attracting new followers, the greater your chances for conversions. If you judge the success or failure of your campaign after only a month of activity or invest only in short-term bursts of activity, you’ll compromise your potential long-term gains.” 

2. All your competitors are probably on social media, too. 

“…Make one of your biggest responsibilities that of differentiating yourself. It’s not enough to be active, attentive, informative or entertaining (though those are important qualities). You also have to be different. Research your competitors to see what strategies and angles they’re using, and come up with a unique alternative strategy. 

3. Numbers aren’t everything. 

“…[Numbers] can’t tell you how loyal, active or even interested these followers are in your brand. Similarly, your social traffic numbers can’t tell you how engaged your visitors are, and your share counts can’t tell you the reputation value of your content. Numbers are useful, but remember that they can never give you the full picture.” 

4. Don’t forget about the ‘social’ in social media. 

Ask your audience questions. Answer theirs. Thank them for sharing. Reply to their comments. Treat them as you would your own friends or family members. Don’t think of social media as a podium for your own speech; instead, think of it as an open table in a coffee shop. 

5. Social media works best as a complementary tool. 

“…Instead of trying to develop an exclusive social media strategy, look for social opportunities in each of your other strategies, and weave them together into a unified online presence. 

Read the original article at Entrepreneur.

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Eden Ames
Eden Ames is a digital content producer for the American Marketing Association. She may be reached at eames@ama.org.
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