4 Types of Killer Social Media Videos that People Will Watch and Share

Hope Bertram
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Videos can generate high engagement rates on social media when it's done right.

Every savvy marketer knows one of the best ways to engage an audience is through video.  The shorter the better since peoples’ attention spans have been shrinking over the past several years as the amount of information one is exposed to on a daily basis has increased exponentially.  

According to an infographic on Business2community.com, the average attention span of an internet user is only eight seconds – that’s one second less than a goldfish!

They don’t have to be expensive or highly produced, some of the most viral videos are ones that are shot with a smart phone and edited on the fly.   During a recent Social Media Masters Summit Presentation, Tim Bay, VP Digital at Wilton Brand said his team, “…shoots most of their Vine and Instagram videos on a smart phone vs. hiring and spending a ton of money with an agency.” 

Ready to create a few videos on your own? Here are a few examples of killer, short social media videos to get your creative juices flowing! 


In 2013, Ford enlisted the help of several influencers to promote the Ford Fiesta.  Here’s a cute Vine video from one of their agents which is a fantastic example of using humor to get a few laughs and a lot of views!




Stop Motion

Digital Megaphone hosts several interactive events including a Social Media Video Challenge.  Here’s an amazing stop motion Instagram video from one of our challenges hosted at Draft FCB.  The attendees were tasked with developing a video that would best capture the spirit of the City of Chicago.  

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The winning team nailed every single aspect of the task:

  1. It was well thought out.

  2. It completely captured the spirt of Chicago – what says Chicago more than a hot dog from Portillo’s!?

  3. It was nicely executed.  You can see from the video, that it did take planning, and it was also simple to produce and create.

  4. It also used a bit of humor at the end as an added bonus. 


Take a look for yourself:

We do it without Ketchup. #onlyinChiTown #SMMs #DigiMegVideo

A video posted by Maggie Avram (@maggieavram) on

Actions Speak Louder Than Words 

In this touching video from Quantas, we see that actions, sometimes, speak louder than words.  The Instagram video features several people connecting with loved ones at the airport giving us all the feels of re-connecting with a friend, family member or significant other.

Home is where the biggest hugs are... and the littlest ones #feelslikehome

A video posted by Qantas (@qantas) on


And on the flip side, our last example uses narration and poignant music to brilliantly touch consumers, strengthening their connection with an iconic brand.  While longer than the typical social media video, and definitely professionally produced by a large agency, it’s still a fantastic example of how to grab consumers’ attention thought video.  The same concept could be applied to a shorter form video. 

1. Select pictures that connect people to a brand

2. Include pictures of the brand’s product

3. Create a touching script / use an existing work of writing or poetry (make sure you have usage rights!)

4. Add in on brand music

There you have it!  Looking for other ways to use video to build loyalty and increase revenue?  Social Media Masters Summit Brendan Baber shares how to use white board videos to promote your brand.


There you have it!  Looking for other ways to use video to build loyalty and increase revenue?  Social Media Masters Summit Brendan Baber shares how to use white board videos to promote your brand.

Author Bio:

Hope Bertram
Hope Bertram, Digital Megaphone Founder and CEO, is an Emmy nominated interactive marketing strategist from the Chicagoland area. She holds a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University and has worked as a Direct / Interactive Marketer at top companies such as GE Consumer Finance, Discover Card and Sears Holdings. A true digital pioneer, Bertram developed the marketing for one of the first online loyalty programs at Coolsavings.com and went on to create an Emmy nominated social media strategy for fashion reality show, So You Wanna be a Designer. The strategy leveraged second screen tactics before the industry even had a name for it. Most recently she’s become well versed with working with brands and bloggers on live and virtual events that produced results. Creating integrated programs and partnering with top players has been a key to her success while working with clients and sponsors such as Jockey, Kenmore, Buick, Chevrolet, Southwest Airlines, Kraft, ConAgra Foods and more.
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Francisco Hatay
April 19, 2016

Thanks for this! I am in need of creating a 100 anniversary video for a company I work for, I am the Marketing Coordinator there, and these tips got the creative juices flowing.

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