3 New Digital Tools Every Marketer Should Know About

Eden Ames
American Marketing Association
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What? A summary of 3 tools and how marketers can benefit from using them.

So what? Using new technologies helps marketers adopt time-saving tactics to help gather customer and influencer information and insights.

Now what? When it comes to technology, “measure twice, cut once”. Remember it’s not about what’s possible, it’s about what’s relevant. You’ll score more points with your CEO saving the firm from wasting money on another “shiny new object” as you would finding a new helpful tool. But it’s up to you to stay current enough to orchestrate those discussions!

Technology develops quickly and trends change rapidly, working to save us time and effort both at work and at home. This is especially true for marketers as digital tools become more prevalent for research, measurement and campaign execution. 

A recent article from Business2Community identifies three new tools taking the lead in the MarTech industry. Here they are:

1. Optimove

Optimove describes itself as a “customer retention automation platform powered by predictive micro-segmentation technology.” 

“Combining the science of predictive analytics and the art of digital precision marketing, Optimove’s Customer Marketing Cloud gives marketers the data-driven emotional intelligence required to interact with their customers most effectively.”

Using this tool, marketers can track unique trends and glean action-based insights to connect with customers on a personal level.

2. BeyondVerbal

BeyondVerbal is a tool to help marketers gauge customer interest by analyzing voices for emotional signals during phone calls. This helps to determine the next steps in specific sales interactions and also provides data about customers’ emotional disposition.

3. Discover.ly

Business2Community reports that a study from Tapfluence and Influitive shows 92% of surveyed individuals asking for recommendations from people they know before buying a product or service. Discover.ly aims to streamline this process by allowing users to instantly find all relevant Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media posts from your contacts. A tool like Discover.ly significantly reduces time when marketers are looking to track influencers.

Read the original story on Businessd2Community's website.

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Eden Ames
Eden Ames is a digital content producer for the American Marketing Association. She may be reached at eames@ama.org.
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