10 Fast Facts About the Super Bowl

Eden Ames
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What? Here are 10 Super Bowl fast facts to get you pumped for the big game.

So what? The Super Bowl is a huge deal. These numbers can help to give some context to its enormous impact.

Now what? Given the scale of the big game, do you think that Super Bowl ads are worth their steep price tag? Answer in the poll below!

Here are 10 Super Bowl fast facts to get you pumped for the big game

The Super Bowl is the most widely viewed event in the nation each year. Of course, an event this size attracts big numbers all across the board. 

Take a look at the stats below to get an idea of just how big: 

1. The price for Super Bowl ads have gone up 76% in the last decade, according to Kantar Media.

2. This year, ads are reportedly $5 million. That doesn't account for the cost of producing the commercial.

3. Last year, 114 million people watched the Super Bowl-- that's a third of the country's population.

This means brands are spending about 3 cents per viewer.

4. 79% of viewers plan to spend money on food and beverages. (National Retail Federation)

5. 1.25 billion chicken wings  are expected to be eaten. (National Chicken Council)

6. 11.2 million pounds of potato chips will be consumed. (Calorie Control Council)

7. 325.5 gallons of beer will be consumed. (Stevens Institute of Technology)

8. 25% of surveyed Super Bowl viewers consider commercials to be the most important part of the game.

9. 77.1% of viewers see Super Bowl commercials as entertainment. (National Retail Federation)

10. Budweiser topped ad ratings and brand recall. (USA Today's Ad Meter)

Are Super Bowl ads worth it? Tell us what you think in the poll below or in the comment section!​

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