Media Unplugged: Donald Trump's 10 Brand Secrets Revealed

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Episode 36 of Media Unplugged delves into the marketing "genius" of Donald Trump.

Listen as Tom Asacker and Mark Ramsey go inside media to reveal the ugly truth! 

Branding authority Tom Asacker and media strategist Mark Ramsey explore ten of Donald Trump's branding secrets in the 36th episode of Media Unplugged. Is Donald Trump crazy, or crazy like a fox? Asacker and Ramsey break down the components behind Trump's media success.

Then, Mark and Tom analyze the amazing transformation of The New Yorker from stodgy publication to multimedia juggernaut. Listen to find out how they expanded from magazine to audio.

Finally, in "Rants and Raves," they focus on the meaninglessness of taglines and identify the platform that can turn your idea into a book in just 12 hours.

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Here are a few of the "Trumpanetics":


1. Fame and Infamy - Be known and familiar.

2. Stand for something clear, unambiguous and startling.

3. ABT- Always Be on Brand

4. Pride wins. Winners even win when they lose.

5. BE the news. Don't just make the news. Hijack the news.

Listen to the full podcast of Donald Trump's Political 10 Brand Secrets:

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