Robotics Company Uses Cat Toy to Drive Web Traffic

Molly Soat
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​What? Reach-In stumbled, quite by accident, on a way to help get people talking about his company: A website where people can remotely control cat toys and watch cats play via a live webcam. 

So What? The Web traffic grew much faster than Harris or the Boise Humane Society anticipated: Within 45 minutes of installing a “play with cats” button on the shelter’s website, users from as far as the U.K. were using the technology. Within a week, the site went viral and had attracted users from 79 countries, Harris says.

Now What? “It’s a great inroad for people to be talking about our technology. The flip side of it is that it gets pigeonholed into making us a cat-toy company, which is really the lowest rung of what our technology does. But it’s helping us get the word out about our more pragmatic applications—Doctors Without Borders, for example,” Harris says. “ 

Robotics company Reach-In drives site traffic and word of mouth with a simple remote cat toy installed at humane societies across the country.


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