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​​The Spring 2016 issue of Marketing Insights is now available.


​​As our content team grows—see the new staff writers on the masthead to your right and new expert contributors throughout this issue and at—we are tackling key issues that define marketing careers of every stripe. Throughout this year, for example, you will read about the seven big problems that marketers face and the solutions-based dialogue that we’ve created around them, the quarterly Marketer’s Confidence Index and how to transcend best practices with “Next Practices.” 

Meanwhile, we are continuing to tackle industry news and trends valuable to our membership. We start off this year by jumping head-first into the murky waters of the Dark Web, which aren’t, by the way, murky simply because of the nefarious company they keep, but more so because they have yet to be truly defined, understood and harnessed by the marketing insights community. 

Turn to page 22 for a historical probe into the Dark Web—the good, the bad, the ugly and the creative—and how an understanding of it will inform marketing strategies surrounding privacy concerns, online ads, branding and sales.​​​​​

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