5 Ways to Boost Your Local Online Marketing Strategy

Mireya Prado
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​What? Plenty of trends have already developed in 2016. What do you need to do to keep up with local marketing?

So what? Mireya Prado writes that it will be important to rank first on Google, use listening on social media, and ensure privacy is up to snuff, among other things. 

Now what? Location-based marketing is here to stay. That’s the single best lesson learned by CMOs over the past year. CMOs, CLOs and marketing teams will need to practice “situational marketing” by converting data into insights and translating those insights into valuable consumer calls to action. 

From chief location officers to situational marketing, here’s how to deliver in 2016. 

We are well into 2016 and chief marketing officers are still reeling from the whirlwind of developments in local and brand marketing that occurred in 2015. If you are not, then now is the time to learn the facts. The following are key takeaways that brand marketers learned by the closing of last year and, more importantly, what it all says about the future of local for your brand.

1. Experience Drives Local 

Mobile adoption by consumers in 2015 greatly influenced search engines to adopt new technologies to support an enhanced mobile experience. Google, in its mission to deliver on experience, pushed Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and performed numerous algorithm updates to enhance the mobile-local search experience, including shrinking the local pack. 

Therefore, if your goal for 2016 is to rank first on Google, you did not learn from Google’s 2015 enhancements. In 2016, brands can expect more algorithm updates. (Tip: Structured data as a ranking factor is coming; get ready for it.) CMOs who were paying attention are leading into 2016 with a mobile-first design, which will deliver on experience. Leading with that goal first will set brands up to be better positioned to rank on top search positions.

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Author Bio:

Mireya Prado
Mireya Prado is the director of marketing at Brandify, a hyper-local software technology that helps organizations understand the strength of their digital brand.

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