The Softer Side of Health Care

Anne Moss Rogers
Marketing Health Services
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Key Takeaways
  • Health care, like finance, tends to shy away from bold ideas because the industry is heavily regulated.

  • Your goal should be to sound more conversational and to avoid the words “patient centered” in your copy.

  • Keep in mind that no matter how clever your campaign, it needs to be carried through to your website to pay off what you present in any ad or social media campaign.

While social media is slowly moving health care facilities into more of an engagement-marketing model, a lot of work still needs to be done to escape that impersonal hospital image online. Consistently integrating more of your campaigns across all your digital media, being more creative and patient-focused in your presentation of differentiators and programs, and considering the brand personality will help immensely in creating an online image that evokes a positive emotional response from your audience.

Health care, like finance, tends to shy away from bold ideas because the industry is heavily regulated. Decision-makers fear that creative ideas, particularly humorous ones, will get them in trouble.

There is room for creativity within the regulations if you are willing to find a balance, though. Creativity, more than anything, can set your facility apart from the rest and make you more human and less institutional. 

Good creative ideas work harder for you, reaching more people for less money. The key benefit of good creative online is that it’s shared more often, extending your campaign’s reach. Standard issue creative, on the other hand, only helps you blend in with everyone else, but it’s where most of health care marketing operates because it’s “safe.” ​

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Anne Moss Rogers
Anne Moss Rogers, a former copywriter with 14 years of health care marketing experience, is cofounder and creative director of Impression Marketing, a digitally focused, results-oriented marketing agency that places the website at the hub of all marketing activities. You can find Anne Moss @ImpressionM on Twitter and at

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