The Conversation Revolution

Susan Solomon
Marketing Health Services
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Key Takeaways
  • Disruption happens when a vital asset that people need becomes more easily available without the burden of the previous establishment.​
  • Markets should be places where conversation occurs between patients and healthcare providers.
  • Social media can help patients feel like they're being listened to every step of the way.
​Dave deBronkart didn’t start out as a disrupter—not in medicine, anyway. For years, he was a high-tech marketing executive. But everything changed when he was diagnosed with Stage IV kidney cancer in 2007. It was this personal disruption that would eventually lead deBronkart to become one of health care’s biggest proponents of participatory medicine—an innovative concept that advocates for patients having all the information they need (including personal medical data) to become highly involved in their care.

He credits his recovery from cancer to outstanding care, a positive relationship with his health care providers and intensive research on his own part to understand his disease and participate in his treatment. Throughout his illness, deBronkart joined a patient community online, sought information and became an active participant in his care. At 63, he is now an international speaker with the hip handle “e-Patient Dave.” He is a thought leader on the patient’s role and a tireless advocate of sharing health care information directly with patients. A former marketer, he believes that health care marketing and communications can have a powerful role in helping lead this revolutionary charge.
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Author Bio:

Susan Solomon
​Susan Solomon is vice president of marketing and communications for St. Joseph Health, a 14-hospital health system in California, Texas and New Mexico.

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Joyce Reyes
October 19, 2015

Very interesting read Susan! Just started Marketing in the Healthcare industry and am enticed by all the changes happening in the industry...for the better. Participatory medicine is sure to stay, with all the changes in consumer's point of views regarding Healthcare now. Empowered & engaged patients = a healthier tomorrow! Joyce O. Reyes, Marketing Director

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