Branding Emotion: 4 Best Practices to Leverage Truth Tactics

Mark Sorensen and Rick Ender
Marketing Health Services
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What? To establish itself as a health care leader, Navicent Health needed to build a new, simple, understandable brand.

So what? A brand campaign was necessary to express the brand’s personality and give people a way to emotionally connect with Navicent Health.

Now what? Developing a branding campaign around a central truth is a tactic that all marketers can leverage within their health care organization.

The newly renamed Navicent Health’s rebranding campaign leveraged its staff’s ‘moments of kindness’ credo to strengthen consumer perception within the community. Here are four best practices to follow to leverage truth tactics within your own health system.

Imagine that you are the incoming president and CEO of one of the largest health systems in the state, and suddenly you realize that no one knows who the brand is. You look around and discover that the health system has 34 different facilities, each with its own different name and logo. U.S. News & World Report recognizes your health system as No. 2 in quality—right behind Emory Healthcare—but because you don’t have strong brand awareness, you lose votes for other specialties.

This is exactly the situation that Ninfa Saunders, a physician and CEO of the former Medical Center of Central Georgia, was facing in 2012. The system was known as Central Georgia Health System, and it had little or no brand marketing, so the community of Macon, Ga., only knew the individual facilities and had no knowledge that they were a part of a larger health system. To the community, there was no umbrella brand entity.

To establish itself as a health care leader, the health system needed to build a new, simple, understandable brand. It needed a new name, theme line and identity to bring the system together into one cohesive brand.

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Mark Sorensen and Rick Ender
Mark Sorensen and Rick Ender are creative directors at Seed Factory, an Atlanta-based advertising and public relations agency. They can be reached at and, respectively.

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