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Volume 34, Number 2

Fall 2015

Principle-Based Consumption Communities: Exploring the Meanings Derived from Socially Conscious Consumption Practices
Marie Hafey DeVincenzo and Debra Scammon

Ronald Paul Hill, Justine M. Rapp, Michael L. Capella, and the Gramercy Gentlemen
  • The purpose of this research was to uncover how incarcerated men find ways to meet their ordinary consumption needs within a maximum security prison context.

Denver D'Rozario and Guang Yang

Jesse R. Catlin, Cornelia (Connie) Pechmann, and Eric P. Brass
  • This study attemps to better understand consumer beliefs and perceptions about over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and how these may relate to double dosing (i.e., taking two OTC drugs at the same time that contain the same active ingredients.)​

Kirsten Martin

Madhubalan Viswanathan and Srinivas Venugopal

Srinivas Venugopal, Madhubalan Viswanathan, and Kiju Jung

Fara Azmat, Ahmed Shahriar Ferdous, and Paul Couchman

Andrés Barrios and Christopher P. Blocker

Ans Kolk and François Lenfant