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Consistent Healthy Product Labels May Mean Financial Health for Companies

Partnerships Aid Coffee Production In War-Torn Eastern Congo
Press Release

Street Vendors and Social Capital: Entrepreneurs in Subsistence Economies
Press Release

“Demarketing”: What Makes Consumers More or Less Materialistic?

Calorie Consumption: Do Numbers or Graphics Encourage Diners to Eat Less?

Understanding Self-Control: Eating and Spending are Different Public Policy Issues

Poverty Plays Complex Role in Entrepreneurship for Indian Women 

Faced with Limited Choices, Prisoners Become Entrepreneurs to Meet Their Needs

Goat Meat Consumption on the Rise as Immigrants Keep Ties to Home Culture

Privacy Notices Online Probably Don’t Match Your Expectations

Are You Taking Too Much NyQuil? The Surprising Futility of Drug Labeling

It Takes a Village: Why Do Consumers Participate in Wind Energy Programs?

Spring 2015
Legally High? Teenagers and Prescription Drug Abuse

Preparing for Natural Disasters: What Policies Protect the Vulnerable Consumer?

What is the Definition of “Natural” Foods? Consumers Want to Know 

Health Consciousness: Do Consumers Believe Healthy Food Always Tastes Bad?
Fall 2014
The Trojan Horse Burger: Do Companies that “Do Good” Sell Unhealthy Food?

Commuting by Bicycle: Why the Irish aren’t Like the Dutch (Yet)

They Have a Pill for That: How Are Weight Loss Drugs Fueling the Obesity Epidemic?

Spring 2014
Metric and Scale Design as Choice Architecture Tools
Healthful Food Decision Making in Response to Traffic Light Color-Coded Nutrition Labeling

Minimum Payment Warnings and Information Disclosure Effects on Consumer Debt Repayment Decisions

Fall 2013
Mindfulness: A Long-Term Solution for Mindless Eating by College Students

A Spoonful of Choice: How Allocation Increases Satisfaction with Tax Payments

Designing Social Interventions to Improve Newcomer Adjustment: Insights from the Indian Sex Worker Community

Spring 2013

A Critical Spatial Approach to Marketplace Exclusion and Inclusion
Press Release
Agents of Change: A Scale to Identify Diversity Seekers
Press Release

What Matters: Factors Influencing Gay Consumers' Evaluations of “Gay-Friendly” Corporate Activities
Press Release
JPP&M Special Issue on Marketplace Diversity and Inclusion
Press Release

Spring 2012 
Prone to Progress: Using Personality to Identify Supporters of Innovative Social Entrepreneurship
Press Release
Consuming Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests: The Role of Genetic Literacy and Knowledge Calibration

Fall 2011​ 
Chocolate Cake Please! Why Do Consumers Indulge More When It Feels More Expensive?
Press Release
Is Simpler Always Better? Consumer Evaluations of Front-of-Package Nutrition Symbols
Press Release
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