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Another Car Recalled? Online Press Can Be Bad News for Rivals

Internet Too Slow? You May Be Paying Too Much to Save a Few Seconds

Need Help with Your Goals? Eating Better May Simply Mean Following the Signs

Buying a New Furnace? Will You Use Your Savings or Assume More Debt?

How to Make People Wash Their Hands During Flu Season

Harbingers of Failure​ (Article)
Halo (Spillover) Effects in Social Media: Do Product Recalls of One Brand Hurt or Help Rival Brands?​ (Article)

Paying Off Small Debts First May Get You in the Black Quicker
Press Release
Want Your Company to Remain Innovative? Think Twice before Going Public
Press Release

Do Legos, Standardized Testing, and Googling Hamper Creativity?
Press Release

Predicting the Weather or the Economy? How to Make Forecasts More Trustworthy
Press Release

“Fitness” Foods May Cause Consumers to Eat More and Exercise Less

Do You Do More than Run in Your Nikes? If So, You Might Not Like Them
When Certain Consumers Bought Its Lemonade, Did Frito-Lay Groan?

Daughter Sees Taylor Swift Poster, Begs Mom to Buy Her a Nearby Pencil Box 

August 2015

Individual Differences in Marketing Placebo Effects: Evidence from Brain Imaging and Behavioral Experiments (Forthcoming)

Hilke Plassmann & Bernd Webe

April 2015

Measuring Customer Value? Don’t Overlook Product Returns

Shrinking Budget? Consumers Choose Less Variety When Investing or Shopping

Giving to Charity: Feeling Love Means Doing More for Distant Strangers

Investment Fears: How Does the Need for Closure Increase Risk?

February 2015

Predicting Consumer Preferences? Do NOT Walk a Mile in their Shoes

Blockbusters: Can EEGs Predict a Movie’s Success Better than Surveys?
Consumer Behavior and Free Trials: What Makes a Customer Stay?

Is Your Busy Schedule Affecting Your Health? Time Might Not Be the Problem
Fundraising 101: Tempting Alternatives Increase Willingness to Donate

December 2014
Abandoning Websites: Are Annoying Ads Good for Business? 

Holiday Contributions: What Makes People Upgrade to a Recurring Donation?
David & Goliath: When Do Underdog Businesses Benefit from Neighborhood Giants?
Press Release

Too Many Returns this Holiday? How Loyal Customers Can Hurt Sales
Press Release

​October 2014
Measuring and Managing a Salesperson's Future Value to the Firm (Article)

June 2014
Authenticity Is Contagious: Brand Essence and the Original Source of Production (Article)

Broadcasting and Narrowcasting: How Audience Size Affects What People Share

Which Products Are Best Suited to Mobile Advertising? A Field Study of Mobile Display Advertising Effects on Consumer Attitudes and Intentions

April 2014
Because I (Don't) Deserve It: How Relationship Reminders and Deservingness Influence Consumer Indulgence (April 2014)
Lisa A. Cavanaugh

How Graphic Visual Health Warnings Affect Young Smokers' Thoughts of Quitting

Struggling to Get Through Your Exercise Routine? Use a Brand!

December 2013

Beating the Market: The Allure of Unintended Value

Conservative When Crowded: Social Crowding and Consumer Choice

A Wallet Full of Calories: The Effect of Financial Dissatisfaction on the Desire for Food Energy

October 2013
When Does Retargeting Work? Information Specificity in Online Advertising

Press Release

Close Encounter with the Hard Discounter: A Multiple-Store Shopping Perspective on
the Impact of Local Hard-Discounter Entry
Press Release

How Time Horizon Perceptions and Relationship Deficits Affect Impulsive Consumption

Press Release​

August 2013
Look at Me! Look at Me! Conspicuous Brand Usage, Self-Brand Connection, and Dilution

Deconstructing the “First Moment of Truth”: Understanding Unplanned Consideration and Purchase Conversion Using In-Store Video Tracking
Press Release

June 2013

On Brands and Word of Mouth
Press Release

Bonuses Versus Commissions: A Field Study

Subjective Knowledge in Consumer Financial Decisions

April 2013
Decomposing the Value of Word-of-Mouth Seeding Programs: Acceleration Versus Expansion

Low-Stakes Opportunism

February 2013
Conditional Projection: How Own Evaluations Impact Beliefs about Others Whose Choices Are Known

October 2012
The Effects of Traditional and Social Earned Media on Sales: A Study of a Microlending Marketplace

The Market Valuation of Outsourcing New Product Development

August 2012
Quantitative Trendspotting

Investing for Retirement: The Moderating Effect of Fund Assortment Size of the 1/N Heuristic

June 2012​​
A General Consumer Preference Model for Experience Products: Application to Internet Recommendation Services

Base-Rate Information in Consumer Attributions of Product-Harm Crises

Emotion-Induced Engagement in Internet Video Advertisements

April 2012​
Wal-Mart's Impact on Supplier Profits

When Budgeting Backfires: How Self-Imposed Price Restraints Can Increase Spending

Can Small Victories Help Win the War? Evidence from Consumer Debt Management

February 2012
Spatiotemporal Allocation of Advertising Budgets

Self-Signaling and the Costs and Benefits of Temptation in Consumer Choice

November 2011​
Winning the Battle but Losing the War: The Psychology of Debt Management

Increasing Saving Behavior Through Age-Progressed Renderings of the Future Self

​April 2009
Ethical Decisions and Response Mode Compatibility:Weighting of Ethical Attributes in Consideration Sets Formed by Excluding Versus Including Product Alternatives (April 2009)
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