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Thinking about Extending That Product Line? A New Study Says Think Again
Press Release

Don’t Sit Still: Ads with Movement Raise Consumer Perceptions of Novelty
Press Release

When Do 80% of Customers Choose the More Expensive Option?
Press Release

September 2015

Marketing Partnerships: Stock Prices Don’t Always Run with the Bulls

Marketing: How Does Business Debt Affect Firm Value and Consumer Satisfaction?

Message to Starbucks: Consumer Idea Generation is not One-Size-Fits-All

July 2015

Price Fairness: When Do Consumers Blame the Michelin Man?

Yes, AT&T, It Pays to Win Back Lost Customers

Reusable Shopping Bags Encourage Shoppers to Buy Produce--and Junk Food?

May 2015

Unplanned Purchases: Why Does that Snickers Bar Look Better the Longer You Shop? (Article)

Don’t Overthink It: Trusting First Impressions Increases Sales (Article)

Pocket Change: When Does Corporate Gratitude Backfire? (Article)

March 2015

High-Energy TV Commercials: Too Much Stress for Consumers?
Press Release
Use Your Real Name: Online Communication Details that Affect Sales
Press Release

Consumers Value Handmade Products: What’s Love Got to Do with It?
January 2015

Ecocentricity: How Do Consumers Decide What Makes a Product “Green”?

Heightened Scents: Do Ambient Fragrances Make Consumers Purchase More?

Buying Cars: Do Product Features Matter More than Brands?

How Do Emerging Market Firms Compete in Developed Markets? The Case of India

May 2014​
The Role of Brands and Mediating Technologies in Assembling Long-Distance Family Practices (Article)

Corporate Social Responsibility, Customer Orientation, and the Job Performance of Frontline Employees
Press Release

March 2014
Gratitude Versus Entitlement: A Dual Process Model of the Profitability Implications of Customer Prioritization
Press Release

Group-Buying Deal Popularity
Consumer Well-Being: Effects of Subgoal Failures and Goal Importance​​​

January 2014
Not All Fun and Games: Viral Marketing for Utilitarian Products

Synergistic Effects of Relationship Managers' Social Networks on Sales Performance
Making Choices While Smelling, Tasting, and Listening: The Role of Sensory (Dis)similarity When Sequentially Sampling Products

November 2013​

How Images of Other Consumers Influence Subsequent Taste Perceptions
Press Release

Smart Shopping Carts: How Real-Time Feedback Influences Spending
Press Release

Low Prices Are Just the Beginning: Price Image in Retail Management
Press Release

Intrafunctional Competitive Intelligence and Sales Performance: A Social Network
Press Release

September 2013
Product Design for the Long Run: Consumer Responses to Typical and Atypical Designs
at Different Stages of Exposure
Press Release

Reexamining the Market Share–Customer Satisfaction Relationship
Press Release

All That Is Users Might Not Be Gold: How Labeling Products as User Designed Backfires
in the Context of Luxury Fashion Brands
Press Release

July 2013
When Do Transparent Packages Increase (or Decrease) Food Consumption?
Press Release

Ethnographic Stories for Market Learning
Press Release

May 2013
The Impact of Product Recalls on Future Product Reliability and Future Accidents:
Evidence from the Automobile Industry
Press Release

Consumer-Generated Ads: Does Awareness of Advertising Co-Creation Help or Hurt
Press Release

March 2013
What Drives Managerial Use of Marketing and Financial Metrics and Does Metric Use
Affect Performance of Marketing-Mix Activities?
Press Release

The Effect of In-Store Travel Distance on Unplanned Spending: Applications to Mobile
Promotion Strategies
Press Release

January 2013
Why Do Customers Get More Than They Need? How Organizational Culture Shapes Product Capability Decisions

The Innovator's License: A Latitude to Deviate from Category Norms

The Sales Lead Black Hole: On Sales Reps' Follow-Up of Marketing Leads

July 2012

What Is Quality? An Integrative Framework of Processes and States
Press Release

May 2012
Dealing with Institutional Distances in International Marketing Channels: Governance Strategies That Engender Legitimacy and Efficiency
Press Release

Adding Bricks to Clicks: Predicting the Patterns of Cross-Channel Elasticities Over Time
Press Release

March 2012

Brand Love
Press Release

January 2012
The Effect of Brand Acquisition and Disposal on Stock Returns

Press Release

The Effect of Business-Cycle Fluctuations on Private-Label Share: What Has Marketing Conduct Got to Do with It?
Press Release

November 2011

Seeding Strategies for Viral Marketing: An Empirical Comparison
Press Release
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