Previous Editors | Journal of Marketing

*Paul H. Nystrom, 1936-37

N.H. Engle, 1936-39

Ronald S. Vaile, 1937-41

Ewald T. Grether, 1939-43

Reavis Cox, 1941-45

Charles F. Phillips, 1943-47

Clyde W. Phelps, 1945-49

Ralph Cassady Jr., 1947-51

Edward R. Hawkins, 1949-53

Albert W. Frey, 1951-55

Lincoln H. Clark, 1953-57

George L. Mehren, 1955-58

Steuart H. Britt, 1958-67

Eugene J. Kelley, 1968-73

Edward W. Cundiff, 1973-76

Edward C. Bursk, 1976-78

Yoram Wind, 1978-81

William H. Cunningham, 1981-84

Shelby D. Hunt, 1984-87

Roger A. Kerin, 1987-90

Thomas C. Kinnear, 1990-93

P. Rajan Varadarajan, 1993-96

Robert F. Lusch, 1996-99

David W. Stewart, 1999-2002

Ruth N. Bolton, 2002-2005

Roland T. Rust, 2005-2008

Ajay K. Kohli
, 2008-2011

  • Gary L. Frazier, Coeditor
  • Robert P. Leone, Coeditor

Gary L. Frazier, 2011-2014​

*Paul H. Nystrom was the first editor-in-chief. For the ensuing 22 years, the practice was to serve as managing editor for two years and then as editor-in-chief for two additional years. ​​

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