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​Volume 24, Issue 4

December 2016

Cross-National Collaboration of Marketing Personnel Within a Multinational: Leveraging Customer Participation for New Product Advantage
David A. Griffith and Hannah S. Lee
  • An MNC’s success in building new product advantage through various customer participation activities is contingent on its ability to understand the contrasting moderating influence of cross-country collaboration of marketing personnel.
Exploitation and Exploration in International Joint Ventures: Moderating Effects of Partner Control Imbalance and Product Similarity
Jason Lu Jin, Kevin Zheng Zhou, and Yonggui Wang
  • This study draws on the exploitation/exploration framework and resource dependence theory to investigate how the efficacy of exploitation and exploration depends on the levels of control imbalance and product similarity between foreign and local partners of the international joint ventures.
Customer Responses to Switching Costs: A Meta-Analytic Investigation of the Moderating Influence of Culture
Doreén Pick and Martin Eisend
  • The paper focuses on the moderating role of cultural dimensions and country development on customer-firm relationships and finds that both culture and level of  country development differently explain customer responses toward a firm.
How Product Category Shapes Preferences toward Global and Local Brands: A Schema Theory Perspective
Vasileios Davvetas and Adamantios Diamantopoulos
  • This article examines the role of product category in consumers’ global/local brand choices and finds that global/local brand preference (a) is not uniform across categories, (b) depends on category’s functional and symbolic character, and (c) is affected by category-driven justifications and norms.
Doing Good in Another Neighborhood: Attributions of CSR Motivations Depend on Corporate Nationality and Cultural Orientation
Jungsil Choi, Young Kyun Chang, Yexin Jessica Li, and Myoung Gyun Jang 
  • Collectivistic consumers make more altruistic (but not egoistic) attributions for domestic (vs. foreign) companies, while individualistic consumers make similar altruistic (and egoistic) attributions for domestic and foreign firms.
​Subject and Author Index 2016 (VOLUME 24)
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