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​Volume 24, Issue 2

June 2016

Performance Effects of Global Account Coordination Mechanisms: An Integrative Study of Boundary Conditions
Linda Hui Shi and Tao (Tony) Gao
  • We draw on global marketing strategy, organizational design, and relationship marketing theories to study how the performances of two global account coordination mechanisms (operational versus relational) vary with a host of strategic, relational, and environmental conditions.
The Influence of Regulatory Focus on Global Consumption Orientation and Preference for Global Versus Local Consumer Culture Positioning
Stanford A. Westjohn, Mark J. Arnold, Peter Magnusson, and Kristy Reynolds
  • The orientation of how individuals pursue goals (promotion vs. prevention regulatory focus), which can be primed, directly affects the consumers' global consumption orientation and ultimately their preference for global vs. local consumer culture-positioned advertising messages.
Brand Image Evaluations: The Interactive Roles of Country of Manufacture, Brand Concept, and Vertical Line Extension Type
Helena F. Allman, Anton P. Fenik, Kelly Hewett, and Felicia N. Morgan
  • An examination of the interactive effects of country of manufacture, vertical line extension type, and brand concept on brand image evaluations shows that manufacturing in a country with a favorable micro country-of-origin image does not always improve brand image evaluations.
A Memory-Theory Perspective of Country-Image Formation
Richard Lee, Larry Lockshin, and Luke Greenacre
  • This study draws on the associative network theory of memory to demonstrate that a reverse country-of-origin effect, where product beliefs influence the image of the product's origin country, can occur.
Our Apples Are Healthier Than Your Apples: Deciphering the Healthiness Bias for Domestic and Foreign Products
Justina Gineikiene, Bodo B. Schlegelmilch, and Ruta Ruzeviciute

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