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​Volume 25, Issue 1

March 2017

International Market Entry: How Do Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Make Decisions?
Ali Ahi, Gianpaolo Baronchelli, Olli Kuivalainen, and Mariella Piantoni
Time, Temporality, and Internationalization: The Relationship Among Point in Time of, Time to, and Speed of International Expansion
Mikael Hilmersson, Martin Johanson, Heléne Lundberg and Stylianos Papaioannou
Antecedents and Consequences of Infidelity in Cross-Border Business Relationships
Leonidas C. Leonidou, Bilge Aykol, Thomas A. Fotiadis, and Paul Christodoulides
Eastern Versus Western Culture Pricing Strategy: Superstition, Lucky Numbers, and Localization
Stanford A. Westjohn, Holger Roschk, and Peter Magnusson
Intention–Behavior Discrepancy of Foreign Versus Domestic Brands in Emerging Markets: The Relevance of Consumer Prior Knowledge
Luping Sun, Xiaona Zheng, Meng Su, and L. Robin Keller
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