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October 2015

Do You Buy Local? Your Consumer Ethnocentrism May Be Showing

September 2015

Seller Beware: International Transactions Require Much More than a Contract

Planning and Improvisation Actually Play Well Together in Export Markets

June 2015

In Beijing, Does a Desire for Status Means Chevrolets over Senovas?

National Identity: Does Buying Local Mean Shunning Global? 

Is Quality or Cost More Essential? The International Cellphone Market

March 2015
International Marketing: Are Store Brands Becoming a Global Phenomenon?

December 2014
Wait for It: How Do Wealth and Culture Guide International Product Rollouts?

Understanding Local Markets: How Should Parent Companies Manage Rebel Subsidiaries?

September 2013
Enhancing Innovation Through International Joint Venture Portfolios: From the
Emerging Firm Perspective
Press Release

Country-Specific Associations Made by Consumers: A Dual-Coding Theory Perspective
Press Release

Antecedents and Consequences of an Eco-Friendly Export Marketing Strategy: The
Moderating Role of Foreign Public Concern and Competitive Intensity
Press Release

June 2013
The Effect of Global Company Animosity on Global Brand Attitudes in Emerging and
Developed Markets: Does Perceived Value Matter?
Press Release

March 2013
Establishing Profitable Customer Loyalty for Multinational Companies in the Emerging
Economies: A Conceptual Framework
Press Release

September 2012
Is Product Imitation Good for Firm Performance? An Examination of Product Imitation
Types and Contingency Factors
Press Release

June 2012
Attracting Foreign Direct Investment: Applying Dunning's Location Advantages
Framework to FDI Advertising
Press Release

March 2012
Are Consumers Really Willing to Pay More for a Favorable Country Image? A Study of
Country-of-Origin Effects on Willingness to Pay
Press Release
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