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Leslie Weller, Canto
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Believe it or not, there is a downside to all this digital awesome we enjoy every day.  And I’m not talking about our increasing detachment from in-person interactions, nor our shrinking brain cells due to a growing reliance on Google, Alexa and Siri. No, I’m talking about the downside of producing, working with and broadcasting all this amazing digital content. 

If you’re involved with digital, you know that ugly D word I’m talking about…duplicates!

The number of times a single brand asset can be duplicated and spread across an organization is limitless. And when a change needs to be made, how can you ensure the incorrect old version won’t be used anymore? Without:

1) staff education,

2) an understood process and

3) a central media library… it’s practically impossible.

Here’s a simple example you can probably relate to: a designer emails “final” product imagery out to the web developer and social media manager. However, they realize something’s wrong and quickly fix it. But the social media manager had already sent it to the sales guy who asked to see the latest creative. The designer re-emails everyone a new set of images, including the sales guy – but he had already sent it over to their distribution partner who had been asking for the product shots for days.  After some time passes, another updated version is sent around.  And now there are 3 different, near duplicate versions of the same product shots spread across multiple peoples’ email and desktops. And the problem only gets worse with larger teams and more brand assets.

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During a recent webinar held on December 1st, 2016 by digital asset management firm, Canto, 36% of attendees said that their teams currently store brand assets in 4 – 7 locations; 9% said in 8 – 12 locations; 15% said in more than 12 locations and 12% of attendees simply had no idea; the remainder stored brand assets in 3 or fewer locations.

It’s common for a small handful of designers, brand managers and marketing professionals to want to “own” the management of their teams’ digital library. Modern productivity tools such as Flight by Canto, coupled with digital asset management (DAM) best practices make this possible. Here are some tips to get you on the right path of avoiding the headaches that come from the downside of digital.

Educate Your Team
It’s impossible to lock down every piece of digital content. So the first step is to educate everyone in the organization on where to go for the latest and greatest digital content. Educate them on how the content can and should be used. And show them how to use the technology you standardize on.

Establish a Clear and Simple Process
The most successful teams have a specific person to champion the entire process. You’ll need to clarify who is responsible for uploading and categorizing content and who all has access to download the content in the formats they need.

Many teams find it helpful to work with a veteran in keyword strategies, digital asset management or library sciences when initially setting up your system. Experienced DAM vendors can help with this phase or you can turn to an independent consultant.

Adopt a Media Library for Visualizing Assets and Reporting Usage
By selecting and standardizing on a modern media library, your team will be able to visually locate the brand assets they need and see data usage reports.  Reports should give you visibility into what type of content is being housed, popular content and other helpful insights.

To learn more about how to get started with your own media library, download a free ebook from Canto: Building You Media Library with Flight.

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Leslie Weller, Canto
Leslie Weller is the director of marketing at San Francisco-based digital asset management provider, <a href="http://bit.ly/ama-canto-homepage" target="blank">Canto.</a> She has a deep respect for the way technology connects people with the things they value most. She joined Canto to help marketers, brand managers, product managers and content managers understand there is a better way to make use of their organizations’ growing volume of digital content.
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