The Top 5 Reports That Every B-to-B Marketer Needs

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​What? Data-driven marketers have to measure and report on their marketing efforts and activities.

So what? There are five reports that should be part of your reporting mix.

Now what? Download BrightFunnel's "Top 5 Reports That Every B2B Marketer Needs" to find out which reports you should use to track your impact.

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As data-driven marketers, we can all agree on at least this one thing: We have to measure and report on our marketing efforts and activities.

We all agree about this for a few reasons:

  1. Reports help us understand the impact and effectiveness of everything that we do.

  2. They help us intelligently plan for future campaigns and budget allocation.

  3. They allow us to prove the effects of our work on the bigger business picture.

  4. They help us get a seat at the revenue table. Yes!

But while we all agree that we should be reporting, it’s not always easy to get everyone aligned around the types of reports we really need. What metrics should we focus on? 

What data matters the most? What reports offer the best insights and deliver the most value for the whole team? At BrightFunnel, we hear these questions a lot. So, to lend a proverbial helping hand to our fellow data-driven professionals, we’ve boiled these questions down to the top five reports every B-to-B marketer should have ready in her back pocket. 

For each featured report, we also offer an explanation of why that report matters, what exactly you should track, and who you should report your findings to. This should help function as a starting point as you work to build out a robust, scalable reporting process that best aligns with your business’ needs.

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