Three Ways for Retailers to Stay Relevant and Drive Results in Today’s Ever-Evolving Landscape

Eli Grant and Ruxandra Vidican, DAC Group
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Key Takeaways
​What? Retail store closings have been on the rise due to the digital transformation of online shopping.
So what? There are three ways retailers can redefine customer relationships and create unique experiences.
Now what? Learn more by downloading DAC Group's Customer-First Retail study, and gain insights from leading retailers. 

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Retailers who are not keeping pace with changing market dynamics and consumer expectations are struggling for survival. The recent wave of announced store closings across dozens of brands makes clear that the uncertain reality of many brick-and-mortar retailers in this digital age. Those that will survive need to put the consumer first and keep up with the operational demands of retail’s digital transformation.

1. Create outstanding customer experiences

Retailers must move away from thinking only about what products to sell and start focusing on creating the best solutions that provide customer value.

  • Put the customer at the center of everything you do (from marketing, to customer service, to operations, to product development) and embrace this approach from the senior leadership level down throughout the organization.
  • Create differentiated store experiences that give your target customer the reason to come to your location; provide products, services, inspiration and support that they can’t get from you online, from your competitor, or from Amazon.
  • Leverage the detailed understanding that you have about your customers – what they browsed, liked, purchased; where and when they prefer to shop – to create tailored messages, offers, and experiences on a one-to-one basis.

There will always fundamentally be a critical role for brick and mortar retail locations, but staying relevant means these retailers must invest and focus on the features that make their shopping experiences personalized and unique for their customers.

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2. Harness the power of localization

The ubiquity of mobile devices and the blending of digital and physical experiences has led to an increase in the prominence of location in digital marketing today.

  • Optimize content across platforms for ‘near me’ and geo-modified searches and use hyper-targeted campaigns in display, CRM, and social media that allow you to reach a customer with a locally relevant message.
  • Proactively manage local business data to ensure that it is accurate, consistent, and builds your brand. This includes core information such as addresses, hours of operation, and URLs; local reviews and customer feedback; and, key in omni-channel retail, operational data like inventory, assortment, store layouts, and more.

Localization at the enterprise scale is complex and detail-oriented, but when executed successfully, it is the most actionable form of personalization and a key way for retailers to win.

3. Manage the growing operational challenges

Today’s customers expect seamless interaction across ecommerce and brick and mortar experiences, but many retailers still face technical, operational, and organizational issues that inhibit meeting this expectation.

  • Break down organization siloes that inhibit delivering omni-channel experiences and measuring enterprise success.
  • Invest in the technologies that allow you to nail the basics of today’s omni-channel enablement like buy online and pick up in store – and the inverse: browse in store and deliver to home. Embrace features such as mobile payments and cross-channel shopping carts.
  • Embrace the new wave of retail innovation that is upon us: artificial intelligence and bots, virtual and augmented reality. These technologies are presenting new experience and personalization opportunities for retailers, but posing familiar questions: What is right for my brand? For my customers? How should these be measured?

The ability for retailers to answer these questions and embrace the changes that digital transformation will have on their model, may be key to their very survival.

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Eli Grant and Ruxandra Vidican, DAC Group
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