Saint Joseph's University Offers Degree for Customer Focused, Data-Driven Marketing Professionals

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Saint Joseph’s University’s master of science in marketing trains professionals to apply modern tools, theory and knowledge in pursuit of profitability and customer value.

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A new graduate program from Saint Joseph’s University’s (SJU) Haub School of Business is helping professionals learn how data can help marketers grow creatively and make informed decisions. Industry demand for market research analysts is at an all-time high as companies increasingly seek marketers with the skills to analyze, interpret and leverage data in ways that harvest customer insights and influence strategy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that market research analyst positions will grow at a rate of 23 percent over the next ten years, much faster than average.

Marketers know that the customer is at the heart of all marketing strategy. By collecting data on your audience — their ages, where they live, shopping behaviors, activities and interests, spending habits, etc. — companies learn how to meet their customers along their journeys and deliver content and products that meets their needs. 

Encompassing consumer behavior, predictive analytics and marketing strategy among other topics, SJU’s M.S. in marketing program places students at the intersection of marketing and data, setting them apart from their peers as they develop skills most by senior leadership in today’s data-rich environment. As students deepen their understanding of customer behavior, the more accurately they can predict future patterns. This critical insight offers great value to organizations.

Students will develop competencies in core marketing concepts, while preparing to advance in one of two specializations: Customer Analytics & Insights or International Marketing.

Customize your graduate experience by taking online or on campus courses, enrolling part or full time, and completing the program at your own pace. GMAT waivers are available for qualified applicants. 

Learn more about Saint Joseph's M.S. in Marketing program.

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Saint Joseph's University
<p>The Master of Science in Marketing program at Saint Joseph's University provides students with the tools, theory, and practical knowledge necessary for career advancement.</P>
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