How to Harness the Power of Live Event Data

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What? Technology and the ability to analyze data and measure event performance has transformed the event and meetings industry.

So What? Integrating technology into the entire event lifecycle is the key to uncovering valuable attendee insights.

Now What? Download “The Power of Live Event Data” to learn how you can leverage technology to transform your meetings and events. #PowerOfLiveEvents 

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Brought to you by: cVent

How event professionals and marketers leverage technology to capture and analyze data, learn deep insights about attendee patterns and enhance the attendee experience.

The understanding that events and data have a powerful and unique relationship is not new. In fact, this has been a focus of top event professionals and marketers for much of this decade so far. What’s needed is understanding of what the data means, and this information can be used to drive business and improve the attendee experience.

The findings from “The Power of Live Event Data,” a research report developed by Cvent and Event Marketer, show that marketers and event professionals know the value of event data and their audience information. It's clear: better understanding audiences enables organizations to drive more attendance and produce better attendee experiences.

But many organizations are struggling to capture this data and use it in a meaningful way. They are searching for the right platforms and software solutions, as well as the right team skill sets to manage and glean actionable insights from the large amounts of data they and their attendees and exhibitors are generating.

Better managing and analyzing data requires a strategy and the right technology mix. It also requires focus on encouraging and capturing quality attendee feedback. The value of doing this effectively provides the ability to access and understand more of the elements that drive participation decisions and prompt attendees to register.

By collecting the right event data and integrating an attendee’s digital engagement (such as e-mails opened and webpages visited) with their physical footprint (such as sessions attended and exhibitors visited), event professionals and marketers can do the following more effectively:

  • Target messaging, special offers and communications.

  • Improve educational content programming.

  • Foster two-way communication with attendees.

  • Provide more data and insights to marketing and sales.

  • Deliver more value to exhibitors and sponsors.

  • Better track event performance and ROI.

  • Provide more seamless service before, during and after events and meetings.

Download “The Power of Live Event Data” report to learn how other event professionals and marketers are leveraging technology to transform their meetings and events.

In this report, you’ll learn how savvy marketers and event professionals are using technology and mobile event apps to capture and analyze data, gaining deep insights about attendee patterns–helping to forge a clear path to enhance their entire event experiences.

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<p>Cvent is the global meeting, event and travel technology leader. Cvent offers software solutions to event planners for online event registration, venue selection, event management, mobile apps for events, e-mail marketing and web surveys. Cvent provides hoteliers with an integrated platform, enabling properties to increase group business demand through targeted advertising and improve conversion through proprietary demand management and business intelligence solutions. Cvent solutions optimize the entire event management value chain and have enabled clients around the world to manage hundreds of thousands of meetings and events.</p>
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