Do You Know How Healthy Your Brand Is?

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What? Consumers expect brands to keep their visual identity strong and updated.

So what? Brand health is a function of how agile, creative and responsive brands can be.

Now what? Take the Monotype brand health assessment to find out where your brand can improve to better deliver the experience consumers expect.

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Maintaining good brand health and a strong visual identity requires constant focus, especially in today’s fast-changing marketplace. Is your brand ahead of the game or catching up?

Over the past several years there has been a seismic change in how brands and customers interact. With this change has come an equally profound transformation in the way brands must communicate, market and relate to their customers.

At stake is nothing less than the ability to deliver on the experience that today’s sophisticated, demanding, tech-savvy and media-saturated consumers expect, which ultimately impacts the success of your organization.

One consequence of this paradigm shift is that maintaining good brand health and a strong visual identity requires constant focus. This new customer-centric marketplace pushes brands to be more creative, to think bigger and broader, to work harder for their customers’ trust and to offer better experiences and value.

No wonder “adapt or perish” has become the mantra of brands around the globe. Some brands are ahead of the game and are changing the way they communicate to their customers. And yes, some brands are not as caught up as they’d like. It’s a challenge to be embraced rather than feared, and it’s one all of us, as customers ourselves, should welcome.

Where does your brand stand? Monotype has created a simple assessment that can help you determine how your brand is doing. The goal of the assessment is to help brands identify where that focus is needed most and offer some direction on those areas. It takes about three minutes to complete, and afterward, you will receive a brand health outline with tips and guidance based on your responses.

So check out the brand health assessment today. It’s informative, fun and may spark ideas about how to keep your brand relevant and meet your customers’ expectations in a time of disruptive change. 


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Monotype is one of the world’s best-known providers of type-related products, technologies and expertise. Our fonts and technologies are designed to enable creative expression and give brands a distinct global voice.
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