Do You Understand Your Customer's Journey?

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What? There are many questions surrounding how and why customers make purchases.

So what? Methods like passive digital behavior measurement, web traffic monitoring, surveys and other anecdotal research can create a solid snapshot of the customer journey.

Now what? Download the Know Your Customer’s Journey e-book to learn what steps to take to get a more detailed picture of customer purchasing habits.

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Brought to you by: Luth Research

Download the Know Your Customer’s Journey e-book to learn what steps to take to get to know your customer, their purchasing habits and more.

Do you ever wish you could really get inside the head of your prospective customers? Sometimes the way they choose and buy products can seem inexplicably random, and you can never be quite sure of the accuracy of your marketing. Are you putting enough revenue into the correct advertising streams? Are you benefiting from social media?

If only you could unlock the secrets to how and why customers make the purchases they do, you could easily tailor your marketing strategy—and possibly reap huge rewards.

This is where the customer journey comes in. Also known as the path to purchase, this determines how a customer comes into contact with your brand, where they seek more information and, crucially, how they make the decision to purchase. The customer’s journey should make it easy for a company to identify pain points and weak spots in the path to purchase a product or service.

To understand this path, it’s vital for a company to gather digital insights about its customers’ behaviors and the devices they are using to encounter the brand. Here are two questions to ask yourself to better understand your customer’s journey:

1. Who are your customers?

Your customers could come from all walks of life, but unless you take the time to interview every single one of them, there’s no way to know for sure who’s purchasing from you. Fortunately, advances in technology can enable companies to discover a lot of information about their customer base, which can then be used to better determine what inventory to stock, where customers are primarily purchasing goods and even what marketing and advertising strategies to choose.

By using methods like passive digital behavior measurement, web traffic monitoring, surveys and other anecdotal research, a business can find out a lot about its customers and use these metrics to create a solid snapshot of who those customers might be.

2. What devices are they using?

Smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC. When it comes to making online purchases, consumers have a number of avenues at their disposal. Which device they choose can be determined by a number of demographic factors, e.g. age, income and more. Research has found that millennials—a demographic completely in-tune with the digital world—are far more comfortable making purchases online.

Forbes noted that, “Every store in the world is literally in millennials’ pockets; they can hang out with their friends, sip lattes and shop online—all at the same time [on their phones].” If your customer base skews toward millennials, it would be worth using digital tracking measurement to see which devices they’re using the most to best optimize their shopping experience.

For businesses navigating the world of online marketing, success can seem daunting. However, by identifying customer base demographics and using digital tracking and analytics to figure out their purchase patterns, your company can get a clear picture of the typical customer journey and better tailor your marketing efforts.

Download this informative e-book from Luth Research to learn how to determine whom your customers are, how they’re shopping and what devices they’re using the most to connect with your brand.

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Sabrina Vivian
March 12, 2018

Good morning, Very interesting paper, but the Links to Luth’ebook don’t work! May you help me, pleasd?

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