How Insights in Marketing Are Shifting the Paradigm in Marketing Research

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What?  Providing clients with valuable market research and quicker insights has been on the rise.

So what? With clients on tight deadlines to make key marketing decisions, it becomes difficult to explain why they can't get access to the information they need for several weeks.

Now what? Insights in Marketing is now helping to ensure every brand decision can be inspired by the consumer voice, no matter how short the deadline.

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Brought to you by: Insights in Marketing

Like all industries, the need for evolution becomes evident when the needs of clients begin to change. With clients across many industries, including consumer packaged goods, home appliance, sports and entertainment, our ability to spot an overall trend is unique. Not long ago, one of these trends started to emerge: the need for faster feedback and quicker insights.

As the pace of business speeds up, the pace of research has to match it. Clients oftentimes face shorter deadlines to make key marketing decisions and with larger investments at stake than ever before. Over the last 20 plus years, every part of our industry has started to move faster to keep up with the pace dictated by consumers, except for the actual research gathering. Each year it grows harder to explain to clients who are working with tight deadlines and large budgets that they can’t get the information they need for several weeks, a month or more.  In many cases, there is no alternative for potential clients besides making an uninformed decision based on instinct or personal beliefs. This, as we have seen time and again, leads to costly missteps no matter the company, size or industry.

When we set out to develop what would eventually become IIMPronto, we didn’t know exactly how we would deliver the kind of information our clients need in a shorter time frame. We simply believed it could be done, and set out to standardize and streamline our process, carving away at the time needed to unearth the consumer’s voice and deliver much needed consumer insights.

As we worked on our new quick turn research approach, we realized that part of the solution lies with the team you choose. Our team at Insights in Marketing is made up of experienced individuals who know how to keep research initiatives on track while unearthing the consumer voice to help brands make informed decisions. This experience extends to online research, where we leverage years of experience to craft questions that provoke thought and unveil the consumer’s true feelings. Using diverse groups made up of valued consumer segments, we are able to provide feedback that resonates with target consumers across the board.

By simplifying our screening process and expediting our analysis process, our team has found that the time needed to deliver a report with insights and recommendations for quantitative or qualitative research findings can be much shorter than industry standard. In fact, we can recruit up to 30 qualitative respondents and execute up to 5 quantitative monadic cells with 200 respondents per cell and report on our findings within seven days. 

Whether it’s identifying the lead concept for a new product launch, determining which package design best appeals to consumers, which message best resonates with consumers or what attitudes and perceptions consumers have regarding a topic, Insights in Marketing is now helping to ensure every brand decision can be inspired by the consumer voice, no matter how short the deadline.

Connect with Insights in Marketing to get quick feedback on your latest product launch, concepts, package designs or consumer messages. 

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Insights in Marketing
<p>Insights in Marketing is a marketing research firm that delivers in-depth and actionable insights so you can have every confidence your decisions are inspired by the consumer voice.</p>
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