The 3 Step Guide to Incorporating Influencer Marketing Into Your Social Media Strategy

Marshall Kirkpatrick, Sprinklr

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Key Takeaways

​What? Influencer marketing helps companies reach new audiences and improve their overall social marketing strategies.

So what? Around 60% of companies increased their influencer marketing budget in 2015, and many will soon begin influencer programs.

Now what? Watch this webinar,"World Class Influencer Engagement with Microsoft’s Aileen McGraw," to learn how she builds campaigns, content and connections with subject matter experts and community leaders online.

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Brought to you by: Sprinklr

Here are three ways that companies can bring influencer marketing into their social media strategy to create a massive impact for their brand.

Influencer engagement is important for companies of all sizes - not just to grow your brand’s reach through a vibrant marketing channel, but also to learn from thought leaders, stay up to date on the trends, and maximize your brand’s relevance with your customers.

Here are three ways that companies can bring influencer marketing into their strategy to create a massive impact for their brand.

1. Look Beyond the Follower Count

A good social manager should also focus on building the right relationships with the right people, in order to grow their community and the brand’s social presence.  Sometimes those people will be wildly popular - sometimes not. What’s key is relevance and credibility.

Engaging with influencer content on social is a great way to start conversations with the people you’d like to connect with. If you monitor the most relevant influencers by adding them to a Twitter list or social listening platform, you can monitor for opportunities to join their conversations.

Some brands commit to connecting with a certain number of influencers each month or week, and see what kind of doors you can open. Gestures such as replying to influencer comments with your own insights, or directly messaging an influencer to chat and say hello, can make all the difference and open a world of opportunity.

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2. Curate Shareable Content Using Your Influencer Network

The posts you share across your social channels are important because they represent your brand identity. Sharing old, boring, or unreliable content with your customers and followers suggests that your products or services are irrelevant.

Don’t just share content about yourself!  In B2C and B2B, many brands follow a 4-1-1 strategy: they share 4 pieces of great content sourced from influencers (often with comment), for every 1 piece of promotional brand content, and with 1 piece of informal personal content (think “a day in the life”).  This ratio helps grow audience engagement many, many times over.

When you go straight to the content created by thought leaders in your industry, it almost guarantees readership and gets your brand on the influencer’s radar.

3. Become a Research Hub For Your Organization and Customers

With insights into who is truly influencing digital conversations, social media managers can spread valuable information across the entire organization and to customers.

Social media managers can share key insights and opportunities with other departments in their own company. With this information, your organization can access the latest industry intelligence and best practices.
We regularly post information curated from influencer social posts to executives, sales, and the rest of the marketing team through our internal channels.

People don’t turn to companies any more to inform them about what they want or need, they look to their peers and influencers. By incorporating influencer marketing into your strategy, you’ll naturally see organic and valuable growth in your follower count, content engagement, lead generation, and website traffic, and you’ll be a more reliable source of information for your network - both internally and externally.

For more information about world-class influencer engagement, check out this webinar featuring insights from Microsoft.

Marshall Kirkpatrick, Sprinklr
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