Typography in Marketing

Date: On Demand CST

Presented by: American Marketing Association

Key Takeaways
  • ​See how different fonts and typography communicate beyond the words they form.
  • Understand how creating a custom font can uniquely help your brand tell its story.
  • Learn a process for deciding how to identify what font is right for any given design project.

Fonts are everywhere. Whether you’re staring at a billboard while stuck in traffic, browsing a website or pulling your favorite shirt out of the closet, typography is surrounding you.

Type is an expression of a brand. It gives you an immediate picture of a company and its attributes by being bold, modern, grungy, classy or hip.

What does your brand typography say about your company?

Join Terrance Weinzierl for this FREE webinar as he shares why typography plays such an important role in marketing. He’s a type fanatic who’s worked with brands like Microsoft, Google, Barnes & Noble and Domino’s.

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