Top 3 Reasons Phone Calls Are Critical to Your Customer Journey

Date: On Demand CST

Presented by: American Marketing Association

Key Takeaways
  • ​Learn how to optimize the entire customer journey by identifying exactly WHO is calling and WHY they're calling.
  • Understand why call tracking isn't just about attribution--it's also about using the data you collect to provide a better customer experience.
  • Identify how a truly connected customer experience involves every touchpoint both online and offline.
  • Take your efforts to the next level, by learning how to automate future marketing communications based on trigger words from a phone conversation.

We’ve all done it. While out shopping, we see something we want to buy, but before we take it to the checkout, we whip out our smartphone to learn more about it. Does it have good reviews? Can I get it cheaper elsewhere?

The phone is a decision-making tool with almost half of today’s consumers. While significant attention is paid to the online purchasing power of the smartphone, many marketers forget the fundamental function: to make calls.

Join us for this free webcast where you’ll learn how to optimize phone calls as a key piece of the customer journey.

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