The Shocking Truth About Lead Follow-Up

Date: On Demand CST

Presented by: American Marketing Association

Key Takeaways
  • ​How to maximize the ROI on every one of your inbound leads
  • How to successfully bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales
  • What are the latest technology trends surrounding lead qualification and follow-up

Marketers work hard to bring in as many high-quality leads as possible. But what happens once those are in Sales' hands?

Would you believe that one-third of companies completely ignore their inbound leads? Or that two-thirds simply give up after two or fewer attempts to reach them? It's true! The 2016 edition of Sales Effectiveness Report on Lead Follow-Up reveals how effectively (or not) companies are at managing their inbound leads. This innovative report saw more than 500 companies across nine industries secret-shopped – and the results were both encouraging and alarming.

How'd they fare? How do you compare? How can artificial intelligence help Marketing be more effective and help Sales close more deals?

Join Conversica CMO Carl Landers and VP of Sales Erroin Martin as they present the findings and their take on what practices are strong predictors of success or failure with inbound leads.


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