Signal to Noise – Turning Social Listening & Data into Insights & Actions

Key Takeaways


  • What you should look for in a Social Listening tool
  • Combine social data with enterprise data to create 360° view of customer
  • Learn how organizations can make the best use of social data by implementing a definitive framework for success


By 2020, Gartner predicts, data volumes will grow to 20x of today’s volumes.  Almost 75% of that digital information will be generated by individuals—increasingly due to the volume of conversations happening across the ever-expanding social landscape.  From Faceboook and Twitter to WeChat and SnapChat, there’s a mind-boggling amount of information flying across social channels at any given moment. 

Here’s the rub: Some of that data is extremely valuable to your organization… but the vast majority is not.  It’s not enough to merely capture those conversations—you need to detect signal to noise. Businesses today need technologies that can quickly and accurately filter, categorize and help them make sense of data so the insights become actionable. Whether its customer service, product development or marketing strategy, organizations can glean insights from social that can tell you a lot about your business, competitors, industry, and customers. 

Oracle Social Cloud Vice President Erika Brookes moderates a webinar conversation with Forrester Vice President & Principal Analyst Nate Elliott about the importance of social listening and data. Attendees will learn the steps businesses can take to ensure they have the right strategy, people, processes and technology in place to win in today’s socially powered, data-driven world.
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