On-Demand Webcast: How to Make Your Emails 5 Times More Effective

Date: On Demand CST

Presented by: American Marketing Association

Key Takeaways
  • What of your data will impact your email marketing

  • How to use that data to improve your email via real-time personalization​

In this webinar, you will learn how to use data to send more relevant emails at each step of the sales funnel. Join Episerver with Jessica Best, Director of Data-Driven Marketing at Barkley, as we discuss how to easily create email campaigns that drive leads, revenue and upsells.

"You n​​​​​eed to focus on data that will actually impact the results of your email marketing,” Jessica says. “Not all data is particularly useful. The right email and customer data can tell you what content to send, when to send it, and whether your campaign is working.”

Jessica will give hands-on advice about how to evaluate the data you have, and how to use that data to inform email content and timing across the customer journey.

You will also see how Episerver’s solution for Intelligent Campaigns can help make Jessica’s ideas a reality.

Joey Moore, Senior Director of Product Marketing, will present Episerver’s solution for marketing automation, which automatically stores all of your data in one place. He will show how you can use Episerver’s tools to increase email relevance and revenue. Learn how you can:

  • Trigger emails based on real-time behavior
  • Easily create always-on email campaigns
  • Personalize email content and product recommendations
  • Automatically capture and analyze email and visitor data​

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