New Results from The CMO Survey: Trends and Insights on Marketing’s Most Important Questions

Key Takeaways
August 2016 CMO Survey Results on the following topics:
  • Marketing spending
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Marketing organization
  • Marketing leadership
  • Marketing analytics 

​New Results from The CMO Survey:  Trends and Insights on Marketing’s Most Important Questions

Founded in 2008, The CMO Survey is the only non-commercial survey dedicated to the field of marketing. Its mission is to collect and disseminate the opinions of top marketers in order to predict the future of markets, track marketing excellence, and improve the value of marketing in firms and society. In this talk, founder and managing director, Professor Christine Moorman will share new results from the August 2016 survey. Topics will include survey results related to marketing spending, social media marketing, mobile marketing, marketing organization, marketing leadership, and marketing analytics.
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