Mapping the Customer Journey -Chart Your Course in 3 Steps with ivivva

Date: On Demand CST

Presented by: American Marketing Association

Key Takeaways

  • ​Learn first-hand from one of the fastest growing brands on the impact of launching a customer preference center
  • Master the art of marrying data with both content and context
  • Walk away with actionable and easy to implement steps to creating a meaningful and engaging digital journey for your customer

Marketers spend massive amounts of time trying to achieve the next click, impression, download – or if they’re truly lucky enough – a successful conversion. For so long the mindset has been more email, more communication, more everything. But what happens when you remove some of the mass emails and quit sending altogether? 

Can sending less emails really be more powerful to your bottom line?  Hear top retailer ivivva’s compelling approach to the customer journey that has exploded engagement rates and given their guests full control over content. 

Join this lively discussion to take a deep dive into digital marketing’s latest and greatest trend – the philosophy of Quantifiable Creativity. How does it work and why should marketers care? 

Hear the results which top brands achieved as we discuss cross channel attribution technology and creative strategies that drove unexpected results for both.

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