Mapping Journeys That Drive Sales: A Digital Marketing Field Guide

Date: On Demand CST

Presented by: American Marketing Association

Key Takeaways
  • ​How to develop a successful strategy for customer journeys
  • How do design customer journeys to address consumer engagement across each stage of the path-to-purchase
  • How to deliver quick wins with customer journeys

The consumer path-to-purchase has never been more complicated. Over 80% of journeys span digital and physical channels and consumers demand experiences that are personalized, convenient and seamless from browse to buy and beyond.

Digital marketers need to map each point across the series of interactions that occur from awareness through advocacy that deliver on the modern consumer’s expectations and incorporate surprise and delight along the way.

But mapping customer journeys from a blank slate can be a challenge for many data-driven digital marketers. Aggregating insights from brands that have delivered billions of personalized interactions across the entire customer lifecycle, Salesforce marketing experts Ron Pereira and Kandice Carlson, have developed a field guide to help marketers create journeys that drive success in both digital and physical channels.

On July 18th at 10am PT, webinar speakers will share a quick start approach so marketers can hit the trails to building smart, scalable and seamless customer experiences.

Tune into this webinar to learn how to create intelligent 1-to-1 customer journeys to connect to your consumers in a whole new way.

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