How to Use Journey Mapping to Yield Fresh & Creative Ideas

Date: On Demand CST

Presented by: American Marketing Association

Key Takeaways

  • ​Why journey mapping is important to getting the most creativity out of your team 
  • Best practices for omnichannel experience mapping
  • The critical steps marketing teams should take to make results actionable, measurable and scalable
  • And more​

Marketing creativity and concepting begins with a solid understanding of the customer. But where should teams start to build that knowledge? Kickoff creativity by walking a mile in the user’s shoes. Experience mapping, aka journey mapping, highlights empathy that gets to the heart of your audiences' wants and needs. Its roots are in service and product design, but when you apply the principles to marketing, it shines as an extremely fruitful base for team-based creative work. 

Not all journey mapping approaches are equal, however. Join Noz Urbina, a globally recognized innovator in adaptive content strategies for omnichannel and personalization, as he walks through a content-specific mapping process that helps bring teams together to generate more, and better, ideas.

Check out Noz Urbina's video response to the questions he was unable to answer during the live conference here​

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