How to Achieve True Mobile Marketing Agility

Key Takeaways


  • Visually and easily extend tagging to iOS, Android, and Windows 8 mobile apps without reliance on an SDK
  • Avoid the app store re-submission process
  • Implement immediate app changes and bug fixes without users needing to update or re-install apps
  • Test best-in-class third party mobile technologies on the fly
  • Easily unify data from apps and all other digital touch points​


Over 1.2 billion people in the world access the Web from their mobile devices. However, goals people are trying to achieve online are different on a device, and what constitutes conversion, engagement, and a successful interaction are also different. To meet the mobile-specific needs of customers, most brands have developed native or hybrid apps, which are much more flexible and dynamic than the mobile Web. But the process of updating, tagging, and maintaining these apps has historically been slow and limited because of an over-reliance on the SDK (Software Development Kit) — until now.

Ensighten has enabled leading brands such as United Airlines to increase conversion and engagement on mobile apps while dramatically boosting mobile marketing agility. ​

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