Featured Replay: Discovering the Power of Cognitive Marketing Insights

Date: On Demand CST

Presented by: American Marketing Association

Key Takeaways
  • ​Learn how cognitive analytics can change the way marketers understand and anticipate customer behavior as it derives meaning from complex data.
  • See how cognitive analytics can provide marketers with self-sufficiency--taking away the reliance on IT and data scientists for creating meaningful, repeatable customer insights.
  • Understand why cognitive analytics can help you prioritize actions by identifying and drawing attention to critical indicators and trends.
  • Discover how IBM offers a solution to provide prioritized target audiences based on continuously updated behavioral drivers, which allows you to further explore the cognitive insights and fine-tune the target lists before launching your marketing campaign.

Consumers move fast. In a world with plenty of vendor and channel choices, marketers are under pressure to provide relevant and proactive customer engagements. 

Waiting for a lean data science or IT team to provide the insights required to generate target audiences results in poor marketing campaign response rates, customer contact fatigue, low customer retention and less than ideal customer engagement.

Cognitive analytics can provide the ideal partnership between man and machine. It helps marketers become self-sufficient, gaining insights into meaningful customer segmentation, so they can take swift action to reach target audiences. IBM has created a cloud solution that benefits from these capabilities--IBM Watson Marketing Insights. 

It constantly refreshes to recommend prioritized target audiences based on current customer behavior, while also allowing you to explore the cognitive insights to develop your own target audiences from scratch. The selected audience list can then be pushed to your marketing system like IBM Watson Campaign Automation.

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