It’s not your journey it’s theirs. The customer journey redefined.

Date: On Demand CST

Presented by: American Marketing Association

Key Takeaways
  • Customer Journey Myths
  • Customer Managed Journey Concept
  • Identify the existence of the engagement gap
  • How to close the gap
  • Some brands that are getting it right

"Buzzword - an item of jargon, fashionable at a particular time.”

Name-dropping 'journeys' and 'engagement’ has become the fashion. But when do these “buzzwords” stop being misappropriated jargon?

Only by realizing that a customer journey isn’t a static process and by acknowledging that the customer is in charge do they become fit for purpose.

In this session we’ll debunk customer journey myths, introduce the customer-managed journey concept and look at who’s doing it right.


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